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Written by David Brechbiel.

Highlights of the 51st Indiana Retired Teachers Association Assembly on June 15, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Frank Walker and Spencer Bower were the delegates who attended the Assembly that celebrated the Bicentennial of Indiana with special guest Abraham Lincoln who recited the 'Gettysburg Address' and a writer, Jim Madison, who gave highlights of Indiana History in his book "Hoosiers".  Manu of the directors dressed in period costumes.
  • Indiana had 1,083,605 service hours @ $23.56 per hour which amounts to $25,529,733.80 worth that the Indiana Retired Teachers volunteered in 2015.  White County had 833 Youth hours, 4,008 other hours for a total of 4,841 hours volunteered.  We had four members with over 500 hours with Honorable Mention Awards:  Dave Kelly, Tom Peters, Colleen Shook, and Frank Walker.  White County also received Honorable Mention for our web site.
  • We will receive a "13th" check in September as before, will push for a COLA, and need to continue to keep the Defined Benefit for future educators.
  • Area 3 still has no Director, if you want to be one, volunteer.
  • White County lost 8 teachers who went to a higher calling last year:  Muriel Arnold, April Church, Janet Eberle, Helen Kendig, Helen Kraack, Janice Schewmaker, John Slover, and Cosette Wolf.
  • A member can get a $25 gift for every 5 new members he/she gets to join the State Retired Teachers Association.

Tucker School Lives!

Written by Kean MacOwan.

image014The Tucker School (2012)The Tucker School, which was originally located between Reynolds and Chalmers, was moved to a country setting north and east of Monticello on a piece of land donated to the White County Historical Society. At the time huge plans were planned to totally renovate the old wooden one room school to serve the community. Over the intervening years nothing has been done to renovate the structure. The issue has been that it is too far out of town and there is no parking lot, rest rooms and other conveniences for the public.

In 2014 the White County Historical Society reached out to find someone that could take on the massive project of restoration and development of this historical building. In April 2014 in meetings with Dave and Nancy Jordan we found out that the couple was in the planning process of developing another City Park located just off of Hanawalt Street in Monticello. Features of the park were detailed in architectural plans that were shown to the White County Historical Society Board. The Jordan family was asked if perhaps the Tucker School could be incorporated into this developing park. The answer was met with an immediate yes.

In April a written intent agreement specifying time frames and end use was agreed to. Within the next year the Tucker School will be taken apart piece by piece and will be rebuilt on a new foundation more centrally accessible to the public. The restored Tucker School will be used by various clubs for meetings and a special driveway that will accommodate school buses will be built for access by student field trips from area schools to come and see what education was like in the early pioneer schools.

The White County Retired Teachers have volunteered to be docents for the renovated facilities. This facility will not only be a gathering place for former teachers but will also provide a venue for special programs and events for the community to explore.

We want to thank the Jordan family for reaching out incorporating the Tucker School in their planning. What a great opportunity for those in the coming decades to see how the schools and teaching practices of the past are still viable for the future.


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